On 'For All the Dogs,' Cole calls himself, Drizzy, and Kendrick the "Big 3" of their generation, referencing Cube's 3-on-3 league in the same bar.

Ice Cube, the legendary rapper turned businessman, is receiving a well-deserved shoutout from J. Cole for his accomplishments with the Big3 basketball league. One of those who mentioned the Big3 in his latest verse is J. Cole, who also collaborated with Drake for “For All The Dogs.” In their track “First Person Shooter,” Cole references Cube’s basketball league by calling him the “Big 3,” alongside fellow rappers Kendrick Lamar and Drake. After hearing the verse, Cube took to Twitter to thank Cole for the nod and show gratitude for his support.

The Big3 league was founded in 2017 and comprised retired NBA players and other basketball pros while also featuring ingenious rules such as four-point shots and a single foul limit. It has since become a runaway hit, expanding into multiple markets and attracting an international following. Cube’s innovative creation certainly deserves all the recognition it can get, and it’s great to see fellow rappers appreciating the league’s hard work and success.

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