Music Marvels

Achickwitbeatz is a music producer, songwriter and consultant at Achickwitbeatz, LLC. Her moniker is a portmanteau name derived from the words “A Chick With Beats”. She uses it as an ode to the underexposed pairing of femininity and beat-making/production skills. She’s been actively producing instrumentals for 12 years and hosting a variety of internet radio shows highlighting independent artists for 4 years. 
Her production style has earned her international airplay, a PBS interview and a chance to work with independent artists throughout the Midwest, southern, west & east coast regions as well as Dead Prez via a collaboration with Wu Tang affiliates Dezert Eez.
Music Marvels with Achickwitbeatz & Breezy Gipson launched in 2016, highlighting and connecting talented entertainers from all over the world. Achickwitbeatz & Breezy Gipson join forces to give artists a platform to share their talent, expand their network & remain informed about the music industry.

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