Elle Varner, an award-winning singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, the
incredibly gifted NYU graduate scored a classic with her 2012 debut album ‘Imperfectly Perfect’. Its long-
awaited follow-up, ‘Ellevation’, was finally released July 12, 2019. Its two singles – “Pour Me” featuring
Wale and “Loving U Blind” – both showcase her extraordinary creative diversity. Grander Magazine
spoke with Varner about her musical prowess and career. Enjoy!

We love the video for “Loving U Blind” with you and the acoustic guitar. And having heard you live,
we noticed you have a voice that just expands. It fills the room, which compliments the acoustic guitar
and the environment you’re performing in. That makes us think of Ed Sheeran, who goes out alone
without a band. Just his voice and his instrument. Would you ever do a stadium show with an entire
acoustic set?

Elle Varner: Absolutely! And that’s funny you mentioned Ed Sheeran because I think what he’s done as
an artist is great. I incorporate an acoustic set. I’m making sure that stays alive, which is great. I have to
share other aspects of my artistry.

How’s it different singing in a studio versus singing on stage?

Elle Varner: The difference is using technique versus emotion. When I’m in the studio I’m just going to
go for that emotional, raw performance. When I’m on stage I give you that emotion but with technical
devices to not blow out my voice.

Elle, what’s your most significant technical takeaway from your time at NYU?

Elle Varner: There were a lot of different things there, from business to production. But I would say,
technically, I took away that less is more.

How does that apply to singing, writing, and producing?

Elle Varner: As a producer you want to let the song live. When I’m writing a song or when I’m producing
something I always ask, “Can this song stand alone?” Is it good enough if I play it just on a piano or just
on a guitar, or even really a cappella, will it still be impactful? When you go from there, you’re really just
adding ambiance. You’re adding colors and depth.

Elle, where’s your favorite place to play acoustic guitar?

Elle Varner: Aside from my bedroom where I write most of my songs, I really like an intimate
environment; something small, a couple hundred people capacity. I like it when it’s as if I don’t need a

You’re so chill off stage, but on it you’re the complete opposite. Is it the sound of your music or the
roar of the audience that makes you turn that on?

Elle Varner: First of all, I’m an entertainer. I want to give people great entertainment. I definitely light up
when I’m surrounded by great energy. When they’re loving it and giving it back to me, I’m giving it back to them. | By Mr. Joe Walker

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