Endea Owens has an impressive background that has helped to pave the way for her budding music career. As a Detroit-born musician and a Michigan State University graduate in 2015, Endea has since gone on to pursue a master’s degree in jazz from Juilliard, opening doors to even greater opportunities. If you’re a fan of late-night TV, you might recognize Endea as a talented bassist and bandleader regularly performing in the house band for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. But that’s not all – her debut album entitled Feel Good Music, which showcases her group The Cookout, has just been launched. Endea’s leadership of this band has resulted in headlining spots in major jazz clubs and festivals, demonstrating her sheer talent and enthusiasm. She was also featured on the highly regarded NPR Tiny Desk series, offering an unforgettable performance of jazz, neo-soul, and gospel sensations. We can only look forward to what the future holds for Endea Owens, as she continues to pursue her musical passions and dreams with unfailing determination.

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