Algebra Blessett, a renowned artist, is the featured vocalist on Lin Rountree’s latest release called “One You”. This powerful single is one that has been turning heads in the music industry. Despite what some people may be saying, R&B is not dead, it is still alive and well in the Smooth Jazz Genre. The genre continues to produce amazing tracks like “One You” that defy expectations and prove all the naysayers wrong. Not only is this song a testament to the longevity of R&B, but it is also a clear demonstration of the versatility and range of the Smooth Jazz Genre. Given its immense popularity, it is clear that if “One You” was released as a single, it would undoubtedly chart high on the R&B side, proving once again the power and influence of R&B in the world of music.

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Track #5 One You

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One You

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