Join us as we talk about record industry contracts, Halle Berry and why record labels don’t celebrate their artists.

Regarding TLC: I Mistakingly called them a rap group. They are the #1 American female group of all time.

As well as releasing No Scrubs, one of the greatest songs of the Nineties, TLC were far more culturally significant and influential than your average pop group. In fact, few best-selling songs are as impactful as TLC’s huge hit Waterfalls and its accompanying video, which makes references to the AIDS crisis and the illegal drug trade in the US. It was pretty groundbreaking at the time and remains a huge moment in the career of a truly great act, who represent the top selling US girl group of all time. Sadly, the music world mourned the loss of founding member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes in 2002, but her musical legacy with TLC will never be forgotten.

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