By Brook Klaiman

Alexandra Milton is a romantic visionary with a burning desire to create a safe and supportive space where women can come together and revel in a healthy and uplifting environment. This incredible dream of hers was born out of a series of other amazing life experiences.

It all began when Alex was the managing partner at SOBE Cuban bakery. She transformed the simple Cuban baker into a trendy, chic, and service-oriented cafe. It was just the begging as she longed to create a special place for women.

As a passionate athlete and healthy eater who loves nothing more than a post-workout chia pudding or some gluten-free toast with avocado, Alex started to wonder if she was the only one who lived for this kind of lifestyle. It didn’t take long for her to realize that there were plenty of other women out there who shared her love for health and wellness.

While taking a break to figure out her next big move, Alex began working with an excellent Christian foundation that empowers women who have recently been released from prison and treated for substance abuse. Throughout her weekly visits to the foundation, she began to notice that many of the women who were going through the detox program were actually gaining weight due to the type of food that was being provided to them. As someone who understands the importance of healthy eating, she knew that food was more than just fuel – it had the power to shape people’s lives. That’s when she decided to take her passion for healthy food and turn it into a grab-and-go cafe for the tenants in her husband’s office building in Sunny Isles, Florida.

During this period, Alex was living out her other dreams, to travel, taking a trip with her romantic husband to Paris. Each morning, he would deliver her breakfast and wake her up with the song, “La Vie En Rose.” However, one morning they decided to switch things up and workout before heading to a café. It was in this café that Alex found the inspiration she needed. The ambiance was filled with flowers, peacefulness, and delicious food. The experience was unforgettable, and it made her think: how could she combine her passion for women and food? That’s when the idea struck her – she wanted to create not just a grab-and-go café, but a destination where women (and men) could come and enjoy themselves.

And from that moment on, Alex had a clear vision of what she wanted to create. Her initial idea was to call it Alex Cafe, but during discussions with designers about her love for sending her husband flowers, she became curious, do all men love flowers? Why not, everyone loves flowers! After enquiring, she found out that the beautiful and obvious answer was yes. This led her to start incorporating roses, and a lot of them, into the cafe’s design. What started as live green walls in creating a garden-type feeling soon turned into a rose-filled oasis, called Rose Cafe.

“As my first project, I wanted to recreate the best moments of my life in one place, and that was Rose Cafe,” said Alex. After that, everything else fell into place. When sitting down with the chef, Alex had a clear vision of what she wanted – the best foods and high-quality products without sacrificing the price. The menu was filled with superfoods exquisitely presented with a touch of “la vie en rose,” croissants.

Once the healthy menu was developed, Alex also thought about how she could excel in the cafe’s design. That’s when it came to her – an English telephone booth. While on her dream vacation with her husband, she also went to London and was enamored by the booths surrounding the city. “As I said, everything I wanted to bring to the cafe was based on my dreams. My dream to travel, my love for food, my passion for my marriage, and my involvement with empowering women,” said Alex.

Rose Cafe has become the embodiment of Alex’s personality, vision, and passions since its opening. A haven for women to come together, relax, and indulge in a healthy and supportive environment. Here, they can express themselves, pamper themselves, and feel comfortable, while enjoying the added bonus of delicious food. It’s all the incredible aspects of Alex’s life shared with those around her. Excuse us while we make our way to Rose Cafe!

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