“He [T9ine] rhymes with the skill + conviction that would make you think he’s a seasoned veteran in the game, but he’s still just a teenager” – Lyrical Lemonade 

Conveying street narratives with an eye for detail and keen sense of melodic rhymes, Florida rapper T9ine is one of the rap game’s youngest voices coming out of the sunshine state. Offering up an unfiltered and raw portrait of his come up, T9ine shares ‘Fast Life Livin, his latest mixtape and coming of age story. Shaped by his difficult upbringing in his home neighborhood, T9ine expresses his emotions and energy, laying down a reality of a man determined to overcome his demons, reach stardom and provide for his love ones through his passion for music. Featuring production from Eem Triplin, John Lam x, Gittfai, Juan Prod, Jai Beats, Strizzy, Kado Beats, Shae B, Major Nine, Datboishai, Palaze, and JBFlyboi, Fast Life Livin incorporates T9ine’s signature sound and elite melodic instincts across piano driven beats. Buzzing with new singles like “When We Ball” ft. fellow Florida emcee HotBoii (3.1 million video views), “Go Harder” (206K video views), and the smooth, R&B-flavored “Mind of a Real (Remix)” ft. Lil Durk (4.5 million video views), Fast Life Livin takes you in the back seat of T9ine’s rear view down the road of success. 

“When I made [From Nun To Something], I just got signed and I was always going through something, no money, it was a change of life” says T9ine about the new tape. “The transition into Fast Life Living is how I was feeling. I’m living a fast life now, they got me traveling. I’ve done a lot to the point where I have to depend on myself now to eat and get what I gotta get.”           

To accompany the announcement of the project, T9ine shares the video for “Check on Me” featuring Polo G. Marked by a distinct upright bassline & ferocious pain-rap dirge, “Check on Me” is the first ever collaboration between T9ine and Chicago’s multi-platinum star Polo. Directed by DrewFilmedIt, the video follows the two rappers as they embark on a guys’s day out in the city surrounded by beautiful women, jet skis, dirt bikes, flowing cash & diamonds. Watch the new video here

Fast Life Livin is the follow up to From Nun to Something, an extended detailed project which features blissful bangers including the piano lullaby “Holding On” and smash hit “Mind of A Real”. Fast Life Livin is available on all streaming platforms – listen here

Fast Life Livin Tracklist
  1. Going Up (Produced by Eem Triplin) 
  2. Stories (Produced by John Lam x Chriso) 
  3. Going In feat. Lil Loaded (Produced by Gittfai) 
  4. Go Harder (Juanra, Jai Beats) 
  5. Check On Me feat. Polo G (Produced by Strizzy)
  6. When We Ball feat. Hotboii (Produced by Kado Beats, Shae B)
  7. Still the Same feat. Major Nine (Produced by Major Nine) 
  8. 3 Deep (Produced by Datboishai, Prod Mac)
  9. We Shine (Produced by Palaze) 
  10. Enemies (Produced by Palaze)
  11. One in A Million (Produced by JBFlyboi) 

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Instead of letting hardship hold him down, T9ine rises from it. Toughened up by a rough childhood in Tampa, FL, the 19-year-old rapper infuses unabashed honesty into unfiltered verses and undeniable melodies over often guitar-laden or piano-driven beats. This balance between raw storytelling and hard-hitting hooks has cemented him as a bold and buzzing voice. His mom introduced him to Tupac, sparking an interest in classic wordplay and inspiring him to freestyle at school. However, he also developed a predisposition for the streets in order to survive. Ducking out of high school, he ultimately embraced hip-hop instead of trouble. Among a string of social media freestyles, “Groovy” went viral, illuminating his instinctive and incisive wordplay and ultimately earning him a deal with Columbia Records during 2018. Coming out swinging, he dropped the debut project From Nun to Something in 2019. The lead single “Mind of a Real” posted up over 13 million Spotify streams and 10 million views between the original and Official Remix featuring Lil Durk. He maintained this momentum in 2020 with “When We Ball” [feat. Hotboii], generating 855K Spotify streams and 2.5 million views in just a month’s time and paving the way for the anthem “Go Harder.” Racking up tens of millions of streams and views and receiving plugs from HotNewHipHop, Elevator, and many others, he stands tall on his 2021 project, Fast Life Livin [Columbia Records], and more music on the horizon.

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