In the summer of 2015, I had the honor of interviewing award-winning Hip Hop icon Pete Rock. The two of us spoke candidly which resulted in an outstanding discussion. 

This conversation with the legendary producer, DJ and recording artist took place right before the release of his album PeteStrumentals 2. Disappointingly the recorded file experienced an error that made it unusable. I thought the interview was lost forever. 

Thanks to advancements in technology, I was finally able to recover the interview with Soul Brother #1 and present it to you right now! Please enjoy THE LOST INTERVIEW!

Your work with C.L. Smooth is well documented, along with the numerous top artists you’ve produced. In these recent years we hear a lot about your battles with DJ Premier – which are big draws across the world. Being considered two of the greatest producers ever, what’s your professional and personal relationship like?

We’re just good friends; and we’ve been good friends for a long time. When I hear something he’s done, it inspires me to do something. And I think we’re both inspired by each other’s music. We inspire each other to make dope music. We respect each other.

At this stage in your life what to you is more important than respect?

At this stage in my life family has become way more important than respect simply because it’s always about me being supportive of them and them being supportive of me. Family comes first. Music is my second love. 

Does a person who shows you respect have a better chance to personally and professionally go the distance with you?

Respect does go a long way. That’s always something I admire. Those who respect me, I respect them. You treat others how you want to be treated.

Not long ago you went back on the road with C.L. Smooth. Was that reunion tour about respect or admiration?

Going back on the road with C.L. wasn’t about respect or admiration. It was about something else entirely but not in a mean way. It was something else entirely in a business sense. 

Okay, what about the tribute mixes you dedicated to Roy Ayers?

The dedication I did to Roy Ayers was about both respect and admiration. He’s someone who I respect tremendously. I listened to him as a child, all the way up to now. His melodic mix with jazz, mixed with soul and funk really set trends in what he was trying to do. I respect him a great deal for the musician he is now and the musician he was back then.

You’ve no doubt earned your respect in the game. And throughout your career you’ve often been critically acclaimed, applauded for technical greatness, or simply praised for the strength of your catalog. Yet, we can’t recall hearing you brag about it. Others sing your praises. Why not sing your own?

Because I’m a humble dude. I’ve been blessed. In the beginning of my career I had a quiet ego. I spoke it through my hands. Look at my body of work up to now. I’m grateful for it. And like Roy Ayers I’m not finished yet. I have a lot of great, great music to put out. | By Mr. Joe Walker

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