According to recent reports, The Color Purple had a considerable decline in ticket sales in its second weekend, raking in almost $5 million compared to the impressive $18 million it earned on Christmas Day. Despite its record-breaking opening, it now sits in 16th place at the box office, with $59.3 million in sales, which may make recouping its $100 million price tag a challenge. However, the cast, including Fantasia Barrino-Taylor, Taraji P. Henson, Danielle Brooks, and Colman Domingo, along with Oprah Winfrey serving as a producer, garnered widespread attention and anticipation for the film’s release. The Black community, especially sister groups such as Greeks, The Links, and church women’s ministries, actively supported the remake of the Broadway musical in December. Overall, it remains to be seen if The Color Purple will be able to rebound at the box office after its initial opening.

According to recent reports, the reasons behind the underperformance of the movie are unclear. Some rumors suggest there was tension between stars Taraji Henson and Oprah Winfrey, but both women have denied these claims. Others point towards Henson’s “I can’t get paid” tour during the film’s promotion, Winfrey’s alleged mistreatment of the cast, or Henson’s misguided promotional efforts. An anonymous insider from Warner Bros blames both Henson and Winfrey, stating that Henson derailed the promotional efforts of the film and that Winfrey should have intervened to steer Henson away from negative promotion. The situation highlights the importance of effective communication and teamwork when promoting projects. However, until more facts emerge, it is unclear what ultimately led to the film’s lackluster box-office performance.

Three Reasons Why Color Purple May Have Flopped:

A TikToker going by the handle kylalatrice98 expressed her opinion that The Color Purple flopped at the box office because people didn’t want a remake of the movie. She further added that trauma movies are not generally liked by audiences. The viral post has received more than 5,000 comments. It seems that people prefer to watch fresh content that can capture their attention and excite them. Many moviegoers are looking for something new and original, so it’s no surprise that remakes often face challenges in attracting viewers. While some remakes do manage to work their magic, like the recent Lion King remake, others don’t quite live up to expectations. Ultimately, the success of a film is dictated by a host of factors, and remakes will always have to contend with the lingering memory of their predecessors.

TikTokers expressed their disinterest in the constant depiction of Black trauma in Hollywood, with some celebrating the deliberate failure of “The Color Purple”. They argue that Black people want to see more Black heroes and joy instead of being subjected to intense racism and dehumanization. The film’s “toxic” spirit was deemed too much to celebrate, and many are eager for alternative representations of Black culture that do not focus solely on slavery.

The Color Purple musical remake cost $100 million but failed. The primary audience didn’t want to watch a musical about their anguish this year, which was revealed on social media.

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