Grander Media expresses interest in better understanding the rising field of digital art and its creators. With this in mind, we sought the valuable perspective of Atlanta-based artist Cherita Toney. We hope to gain insight into the world of Artificial Art Intelligence and to shed light on the passionate individuals who breathe life into this beautiful artform.

“Tell me about your background in art. Did you create any art before using AI?”

Cherita Toney

Since finishing high school, I’ve had a strong desire to pursue graphic design. However, in those days, technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today, so I found it challenging to get into the field without being able to draw. Despite this setback, I’m a visual artist with a vivid imagination, and I recreate my ideas in my mind’s eye. My degree in web design concentration helps me to dabble in this area, and I’m proficient enough to handle my website without any external help. On art, I have been involved in it since 2012, and it’s been a journey of self-discovery for me. I continually strive to improve my skills and perfect my craft because I love art. Until recently, I never fully tapped into AI for art until March this year. AI has enabled me to expand my horizons and bring my creative ideas to life, which I find fascinating and weirdly satisfying. Although I’ve worked with Photoshop for many years and know my way around the platform, AI’s assistance has been tremendous in taking my art to the next level.

As a Photoshop user, what platforms do you prefer to create your art? I am aware of Mid Journey and others, so do you have a preferred platform or do you use a combination of them? Let me know.

It’s only been mid-journey for me when it comes to exploring different avenues of creativity. I haven’t delved into the other branches yet, mainly because I was just starting and wanted to take things slow. The reason I even gave it a try was because of my 12-year-old daughter who introduced me to this world and encouraged me to give it a shot. At first, I just dabbled in it and practiced it bit by bit. Just like anything else, practice is required to improve one’s skills. It’s not something you can just jump into and be good at right away. To tap into your artistry and creativity, it takes time and patience. I make it a point to practice every day and I’m looking forward to the day when I can fully immerse myself in this wonderful world of art.

I noticed that there are some powerful-looking women in your art. What motivates you to create these kinds of images? Is there a specific reason behind it?

When I started doing A.I. and creating art featuring strong women, I found my true passion – empowering women and telling their stories through my art. It’s not always easy to put myself out there, but I know it’s worth it because I want my art to be an inspiration for others. Creating strong women has always been a dream of mine, and despite feeling vulnerable, I am fueled by my love and joy for it. I know that this is my niche and it’s where I want to invest my time and creativity. It’s amazing to see how my art is giving women a voice. I am truly grateful to be able to use my passion to make a positive impact.

Please describe how your art communicates with those who have viewed it.

I’m hoping that someone out there can connect with whatever I put out. The puzzle pieces represent me, and it was a personal accomplishment for me to piece them together. I’ve invested my energy into creating art and I’m excited to share it with the world. As an urban type girl, my art reflects my personal style – laid back and a bit of a tomboy. It’s important to me that men and women alike can connect with and appreciate my work. I embrace being myself and expressing my creativity. Moving forward in this new space of AI, I’m motivated to continue putting myself out there and seeing where this takes me.

Have you connected with other AI artists?

I follow other AI artists and it’s amazing to see so many talented artists. I find myself constantly inspired by the incredible creations that they share. It’s fascinating how everyone’s style and approach to AI art can be so different, but that’s what makes it so exciting. Seeing the range of possibilities through AI art is truly motivating and pushes me to explore my own creativity even further. I’m grateful for these artists and for the opportunity to learn and grow from their work. Let’s keep pushing the boundaries and seeing what amazing things we can create together through AI art!

How can I direct the computer to move specific parts of the image to desired locations, and add specific colors?

Absolutely! That’s an excellent question. When it comes to typing in different styles, I rely on my creative vision and intuition to guide me. I take the time to carefully think about what I want to convey and express, and then I let my fingers do the typing. If I want a certain aesthetic or vibe, I’ll make sure to include details like clothing styles, colors, and more. Once I’ve captured my initial thoughts on screen, I begin refining my work until I’m completely satisfied with the result. Finally, I move my work over to Photoshop, where I can make any final adjustments to make sure everything looks just right.

“Do you envision AI art as having the potential to be publicly exhibited in galleries? I am interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter.”

I’m confident that many people are worried about whether AI art can be considered ‘real’ art. However, artists create from their imaginations and bring their visions to life, much like how we do with AI. We may not have the gift to draw or paint, but we possess the ability to come up with ideas, just like other artists. I am certain that in the future, AI-generated art will be exhibited in museums and will be recognized as an art form. This won’t happen overnight, but it’s definitely something that could happen in due time. It’s important to remember that creating art through AI does not make us any less of creators or artists. Let’s remain confident that the world will come to accept AI-generated art and that people will continue to appreciate this emerging art form.

As an artist, may I inquire if creating art has impacted other aspects of your life positively?

My AI art is a personal testimony for me as it brings me peace. I have experienced a lot of loss within my family, and instead of holding onto negative emotions, I use my art to push it out. It is my passion, and I believe it’s something that I’m meant to do. I see it as a calling from God, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to pursue it. In short, what you see in my artwork is a reflection of me and my unique perspective. It brings me joy and fulfillment, and I’m happy to share it with others.

What advice do you have for aspiring AI artists who want to become more creative in their art?

Keep going! With art, there are no limits and your creativity should not be limited to any particular group or style. Whether you’re a painter or working with AI art, the possibilities are endless. It may take time and effort to perfect your craft, but if you’re passionate about it, keep pushing forward. Embrace the beauty of your own ideas and let them guide you down different avenues. Don’t be discouraged by others’ opinions or the challenges of working with AI – keep creating, tweaking, and refining. The key is to stay motivated and committed to your art. So, go for it – go full throttle with your AI art and let your imagination soar! ~ Doug D. Sims

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