Jessica Jolia, known for her soulful music, has recently released her latest single “Ooh La La”. Produced by Yaahn Hunter Jr., the song boasts a grounded feel while still allowing Jessica’s voice to soar as she sings about newfound feelings for a potential lover who hits her “different”. This track is the perfect backdrop for cruising as the combination of knocking drums, a walking bass line, and keys creates an enjoyable listening experience. Fans may know Jessica Jolia for her recent backup singing gigs with Kylie Minogue, but her time in the studio has not gone to waste as she cultivates a freer feeling in her newer works. With lyrics that come from the heart and sounds that are truly her own, she shares her gift with her listeners through this latest single. Give it a listen and say “Ooh La La” to Jessica Jolia’s undeniable talent.

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