Everyone thinks they are a star until they land a role as a recurring cast member. That is a reality actor Carl Anthony Payne II knows all too well, according to his former “The Cosby Show” castmate Malcolm Jamal Warner.

Warner stopped by “The Breakfast Club” morning radio show on Jan. 12, where he addressed the state of his and Payne’s relationship. The two actors were just teens when they landed roles on the unprecedented Black family show that debuted in 1984. Warner played the lone son, Theodore, of Cliff and Claire Huxtable. The picturesque couple also had four daughters, Rudy, Vanessa, Denise, and Sondra. Payne starred as Walter “Cockroach” Bradley, Theo’s best friend. However, during his short run on the hit series, Payne and Warner were nothing of the sort in real life. 

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