Entrepreneurs are not just visionaries; they are also strategic and calculated decision-makers. The most crucial decision for any entrepreneur is how and what type of business structure you need to create to house your ideas under the umbrella of a business entity. Creating a proper business entity is the foundation for your business’s successful development.

Unlike other law firms or online do-it-yourself services (e.g., YouTube, Legal Zoom), SAGlaw’s business attorneys are all respective entrepreneurs and lawyers. We deliver our client’s unmatched legal counsel together with practical business experience and knowledge.

  • LLC
  • C-Corp/S-Corp
  • Professional Companies (LLP, PC, PLLC)
  • Nonprofits

Our firm provides a 4-Tier Business formation package for LLC’s and Incorporations. We offer a Base business package leading up to our Executive option, which provides our clients with a total business formation and brand protection measures. Let us assist you with making a smooth transition from entrepreneur to a business owner.

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