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What’s on my mind? The fact that it is a year later after the onset of COVID-19 changing our lives forever. I posted on IG earlier about how I was looking forward to D-Nice’s Club Quarantine 24-hour anniversary celebration on March 19th and how his DJ sets got me through some long days and nights at home alone in quarantine. I had just moved the month before the shutdown, and, of course, when the world did shut down, I had all kinds of thoughts. How would my business survive? What will happen with the schools and students that I teach? How will I afford this move I just made? What will a woman who likes to be on the move like myself do all day and night stuck inside?!


Well, here it is over a year later and we are making it through. Not to say that there haven’t been some challenges, and my heart goes out to those who battled COVID (and still do) and even lost loved ones from it, but I’m thankful that I have grown into a woman of strong faith and a continuous belief in God. If it wasn’t for that, I would not be here today sharing how all of my questions and concerns I had a year ago this time turned themselves around, and myself (and so many of my loved ones) saw blessings, success, hope, and healing during this time.

I pray that we are getting closer to the end of COVID-19 and ask for you to stay encouraged.


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