“I had no initial idea that I was producing. Everyone always wanted to take me to the studio with them to make the music and guide them on song structure. I was 13. My older cousin asked me, ‘Why are all these people paying [you]?’ That’s how that started.

There are no set rules. I do love having a tidy workspace. Sometimes I start with drums, other times I hear a loop, or sample chops in my head. The best for me would be already having a melody in my head. I look at it from the viewpoint of having a paint palette. I have tons of colors; I may not use them all, but I have them. So, I’m able to experiment. Same with creating the music. I may use bits and pieces of several styles to create one collage.

[My go-to piece of equipment is the ] MPC 3000Le or MPC X. I’m a drummer at heart. The creator of the MPC, Roger Linn, was a drummer. The timing and swing takes more of a rhythmic approach. It also is the centerpiece and brain of my work station; it’s able to communicate with several other machines simultaneously.”

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