Entrepreneurs are not just visionaries; they are also strategic and calculated decision-makers. The most crucial decision for any entrepreneur is how and what type of business structure you need to create to house your ideas under the umbrella of a business entity. Creating a proper business entity is theContinue Reading

Grander Media has partnered with a company called Linq that offers a line of smart products that let you share information instantly with the people you meet. You can build a page that contains your contact info, website, social media links, photos and videos, appointment scheduling, custom forms, and moreContinue Reading

March 9th marked the one-year anniversary of Shoreline Staffing making a difference in the Muskegon community, but Owner William Roberson, also from the community, has been helping keep people employed even before the birth of Shoreline Staffing. Coming from a family, particularly a grandmother and mother, who always helped people,Continue Reading

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich)—Motu Viget Spirits – the first Black owned wine and spirits company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan – has seen success in its first two years of operation. Founded by serial entrepreneurs Jamiel Robinson, Jonathan Jelks, Andrea Wallace and recording artist Willie ‘Willie the Kid’ Jackson in 2019, the company has grown from a local favoriteContinue Reading