If you’re a fan of Little Brother, you’re in luck because they have just released their first new music in four years. North Carolina’s iconic rap duo, comprising Phonte and Big Pooh, dropped a mini-EP called “Wish Me Well/Glory Glory,” with soulful beats from Deonis Cook and Conductor Williams that elevate and complement their flawless rhymes. Despite being in the game for 20 years, Phonte and Pooh display impressive growth and improvement in their craft, proving that they are still hungry for success and not leaning on nostalgia. Little Brother’s double a-side does not reach the heights they hit when they were a trio with 9th Wonder, but the duo’s sharp minds and clever cultural nods do not go unnoticed. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the heady lyrics and smooth tunes that have made Little Brother celebrated for two decades in the rap scene! ~Doug D. Sims

May the Lord Watch: The Little Brother Story (Full Documentary)

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